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Seven Myths about the Catholic Church & Science: A Refutation of Popular Errors
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Seven Myths about the Catholic Church & Science: A Refutation of Popular Errors Seven Myths about the Catholic Church & Science: A Refutation of Popular Errors Seven Myths about the Catholic Church & Science: A Refutation of Popular Errors Seven Myths about the Catholic Church & Science: A Refutation of Popular Errors
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By: Benjamin Wiker, Ph.D.

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8 Lectures (Approx. 30 min. each)
  1. The Church: Great Patron, Friend, & Judge of Science (Details)
  2. Myth #1: The Church Has Always Been at War Against Science (Details)
  3. Myth #2: The Middle Ages Were Scientifically "Dark" (Details)
  4. Myth #3: The Church Persecuted Copernicus & Galileo (Details)
  5. Myth #4: The Church Rejects Evolution (Details)
  6. Myth #5: The Big Bang is the Alternative to a Creator God (Details)
  7. Myth #6: Human Life is the Result of Chemical Accident (Details)
  8. Myth #7: The Vast Universe Necessitates Alien Life (Details)
Item No. C60001
ISBN: 9781618900135
Publisher: Saint Benedict Press, LLC
Imprint: Catholic Courses
Publication Date: 2011
Binding: DVD
Dimensions: 5.5" X 7.5" X 1"

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In Seven Myths about the Catholic Church and Science, Dr. Benjamin Wiker dispels the most common and persistent confusions about the relationship between the Faith and scientific inquiry. All too often, this relationship is presented - in the popular media and even in history books - as if it is a war, an endless battle between superstition and the forces of light and reason.

Quite to the contrary, Professor Wiker proves the truth is that the Church is and always has been the great friend, patron and protector of science. Certainly, the Church is not a flatterer, but she is a friend nonetheless. The so-called "war" waged against science is merely the Church's efforts to steer its flock away from scientific theories that, however attractive and popular they may be, ultimately undermine natural and supernatural truths, undermine morality, and undermine science itself.

The Church is the great patron of science because the Church rejoices in two kinds of truth: those revealing the wisdom of God the Creator and those revealing the love of God the Redeemer. It has no anxiety about raising a single voice in the double praise, because the Creator God and the Redeemer God is the same God. The Church sits as judge over the intersections where science approaches morality. Scientists are human, and sometimes the Church must step in to remind them of their limits, especially those limits that safeguard their own humanity - just as the Church safeguards Christian orthodoxy.

Join Professor Wiker for a fascinating exposition on a wide variety of scientific topics, including the Big Bang, Evolution, Darwinism, Aliens, and more. Discover how the Church protects the humanity of scientists, their moral dignity, and their real freedom to choose good or evil.

About Your Professor
Benjamin Wiker, Ph.D. Dr. Benjamin Wiker took his undergraduate degree in Political Philosophy from Furman University and holds a Ph.D. in Theological Ethics from Vanderbilt University. He is the author of nine books, including 10 Books That Screwed Up the World: And 5 Others That Didn't Help (Regnery Publishing, 2008). He is co-author with Scott Hahn of Answering the New Atheism: Dismantling Dawkins Case Against God (Emmaus Road, 2008) and co-author with Jonathan Witt of A Meaningful World: How the Arts and Sciences Reveal the Genius of Nature (IVP Academic, 2006). Professor Wiker is a Senior Fellow with Envoy Institute, St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology, and Discovery Institute.

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